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Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day as a Family!

Indigenous Peoples' Day is on October 10, 2023, celebrating and honoring indigenous American peoples and commemorating their histories and cultures.

There are many ways to celebrate this holiday as a family!

1. Learn about the present day life of Native Americans through the powerful photos and captions of Project 562 and listen to Matika Wilbur’s podcast, All my Relations.

2. Listen to greetings from indigenous language speakers from around the world through the Celebrating Indigenous Languages Project.

3. Learn more about the history of Native American activism, as well as present day issues, with links to videos and books.

4. Who are the Taíno? The first indigenous people Colombus met. Learn more by downloading this PDF and build a sensory Taino village.

Download PDF • 1.55MB

5. Learn about the Kumeyaay and make a snack using Native foods.

6. Unlearn Colombus Day myths.

7. Listen to how one person can make a difference and create real change.

8. Listen to Spotify’s playlist of Native American musicians, Invisible No More.

As always, we love to hear from you so share your own celebrations with us, too!

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