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What Can You Do?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work is so meaningful. And the best part of it is that you can start small, stay local and take it at your own pace, however you feel comfortable. We have suggestions for how to approach this work personally, within your home, at your school and in your school district. 

Don't be afraid. Small changes, small learnings, small efforts make a huge difference. 


This work starts with you. Educating yourself and connecting with others are the first steps towards honing your personal perspective. 

  • Read a diverse selection of books to better educate yourself on DEI issues and join our book club!

  • Follow us on social media and repost on your personal account or your school’s PTA/PTO social media account.

  • Learn more about implicit bias, what implicit biases you may have, and what to do about them.

  • Talk about these issues with friends and family, even when it isn’t comfortable to do so.

At Home

Sharing with your family and the people in your home can be such a rewarding experience. 

  • Provide books and watch media that showcase diverse representation.

  • Point out when you notice examples of racism, sexism, transphobia and discuss in an age-appropriate way.

  • Attend various cultural events and celebrations.

  • Do neighborhood walks in different areas.

  • Research about the indigenous people of an area when you travel.

At Your School

Our neighborhood schools are such an integral part of our communities. 

  • Inquire whether your school has a Families for Equity in Education representative. If there isn’t one yet, consider joining yourself!

  • Integrate cultural holidays and events in all school and PTA/PTO calendars and communications.

  • Thank your teachers when they teach lessons that address diversity and equity topics, and cc the principal. 

  • Advocate for more diverse representation in the curriculum, speakers and events.

  • Start a DEI Little Free Library at your school near the drop off area.

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In Your School District

If you're able to, get involved in your broader school community.

  • Stay up to date on School Board agendas.

  • Write emails to School Board members and Superintendents, and/or speak at School Board meetings when there is an issue that affects our marginalized children or relates to DEI.

  • Encourage the district to increase the diversity and representation in hiring of staff that reflects the demographics of students.

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